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Linden Stores

The Wax / Wine Bag

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A gift to say thank you, thinking of you, or just because.

A Linden Stores tote bag with a bottle of Paşaeli 6N and an upcycled wine bottle candle from Wax / Wine London

Paşaeli 6N Karasakız Merlot, 2020. This unique wine from the Mount Ida region of West Turkey is bursting with sour cherries, savoury spice and earthy undertones. Fermented with native yeast and a total reflection of the owner's out-of-the-box thinking. Serve chilled.

Wax / Wine London candle. After having worked in hospitality for the last decade, Magali Bellego started making upcycled glassware from the thousands of beautiful wine bottles being discarded each year. A vote for upcycling and enjoying the finer things in life.